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Headshot of Racheli, a brunette smiling at the camera

I'm Racheli.

I'm a queer, nonbinary, white Jewish somatic practitioner currently practicing and living in San Francisco, California, on occupied Ramaytush-Ohlone land.​ I use they/them pronouns. I firmly believe that the work we do on ourselves ripples out to affect the world we live in. I have had personal experiences with the power of somatics to heal attachment wounds, transform limiting beliefs, metabolize trauma, and support a sense of inner connection, resilience, and vitality, and I'm passionate about supporting people on their own healing journeys. I specialize in working with issues related to trauma, attachment, queerness, gender, polyamory, spirituality, grief, and psychedelic integration.

Lineage and Education

I was born and raised in New York, on occupied Lenape territory, in an Orthodox Jewish community. My recent ancestors are Ashkenazi Jewish, and come from Hungary and Romania. I am a descendant of Holocaust survivors, and I intimately understand the profound ways intergenerational trauma can impact one's orientation toward life. I am rooted in my Jewish ancestral lineage and I welcome working with folks from all lineages and traditions. 

I hold a doctoral degree in neuroscience from the University of California San Francisco, where I studied the neural circuitry underlying chronic pain and itch. Before becoming a somatic practitioner, I've been a researcher and teacher, primarily teaching classes on the intersection of science, philosophy, and society.


I am a certified Hakomi practitioner (CHP), I am trained in Relational Somatic Healing (RSH), and I am  Internal Family Systems (IFS) informed. 

Misty Slopes
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